what's in my bag

By addinaf - 8:40:00 PM

in case you are wondering what's in my bag as an architecture student,
especially this last two months at my studio.
So, i'll just tell you what's in my bag ;)

1. Laptop Bag
I usually use my laptop-case-bag as my daily bag (if i didn't bring my laptop)
I love this denim laptop-case-bag because it has my namecard on it ;)
Anyway if I bring my laptop, I'll have additional totebag or I simply use my backpack laptop.

2. DIY Notebook
This notebook is my DIY notebook, with my own sketch as the cover. I wrote all the things I want here, especially about my final project, the data, concept, preseden, and so on. I also used to write my daily journal (things (architectural) that I did/work on that day)

3.  A5 Sketchbook
Sketchbook is my saviour! I always bring this A5 sketchbook (sometimes A4), to doodle everything when i get bored of someting.

4. Magazine
I usually bring magazine to spent my spare / boring time or while I'm waiting on something.

5. Finecolour
My new favorite spidol! I always bring this finecolour everyday when I'm work on my studio project. But when I don't have studio-schedule, I choose to leave my finecolour safely in my room :)

6. Rotring Triangle Ruler
This rotring triangle ruler helps me to draw clearly and more precision.

7. Eraser, Sharpener, & 2B Pencil
A-must-to-bring everyday :)

8. Denim (Big) Pencil Case
This denim pencil case is from my friend Jujuk. I usually use this denim pencil case as my laptop charger, mouse, and headset case. But when I didn't bring my laptop, I use this as a pencil case (finecolour / another colouring stuff). I only bring this denim case when I have studio-schedule or when I bring my laptop.

9. Pink (Small) Pencil Case
The small pencil case is for the pencil, drawing pen, eraser. A-must-to-bring everyday stuff.

10. Various Drawing Pen
I use various drawing pen to improve my sketch. From the thinest to the thickest. 0,1, 0,2, 0,3, 0,5, and also 0,7. I bring all my drawing pen when I have studio schedule. When I'm not, I only bring the 0,1 and 0,3 for writing-needs.

Maybe what's in my bag is not as cute as another girl, but I need these things so much, and feel panic when I missed some of them. Sometimes I feel like my bag is too heavy .__.
But yeah...

See you on the next random post, then! :D

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