Turning Point

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Some people deserve a turning point that could change their life.

These 20’s is weirdos. I met a lot of new people, and I left a lot of people too. By ‘left’ I meant: I’m going to somewhere that probably made us hard to meet each other just like the casual day. 

Anyway, ini semua kusadari setelah pindah dari Jogja ke Bandung, di kantor ini, perpindahan orang orangnya terjadi begitu cepat. Baru menginjak bulan ke enam di sini saja, saya sudah bertemu 5 orang baru (anak anak KP), dan harus berpisah dengan salah satu kakak di sini. Dan mungkin akan segera disusul oleh beberapa kakak senior lain di sini.

They leave us for good. I wish. Mas Leo misalnya, salah satu kakak senior yang sudah berkenalan sejak jaman aku masih jadi anak KP disini, harus resign karena he just got the work he dream for, Singapore, Aedas. That was good for him. And in the middle of the year, (maybe) it will be about 2 – 3 more person leave us. They will leave us for a better place and reason than this office.

Nah, it doesn’t mean that this office is not good.

But, some people deserve a turning point that could change their life.

Mas Leo’s farewell made me thought about how people come and go and how people trying to keep in touch to keep the person(s) they really want to.

It’s been my sixth months here, and (maybe) now I knew who I want them to stay in my life, and who I want them to stay but not that close, and also who I want them to ‘ah, I don’t really mind where you are, by the way’. 

I’m not bitching, but it’s kinda true.

You can’t keep everybody around you and act nice to you. I’m trying to be a nice girl to everyone and I ended up disappointed by some people.

Yeah, this 20’s is kind of weirdos phase of life.

People leaving for different reasons and some of them for a better life, and some of them decided to settle down.

Once again, yes, some people deserve a turning point, maybe not only one turning point, but two, three, or I don't know how much. That turning points that maybe could change your life.

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