Star and Rainbow

By addinaf - 6:22:00 AM

"What if..?" I said.
"If what?"
"If someday we have to be apart from somewhere to somewhere, for a long time?"
"I don't know, but I believe that someday we will meet again." He said with no confused.
"I believe in what you believe, then." I smiled. "And I don't know why, but I believe that someday we will."
"Will meet again?" He asked me. Hesitated.
"Will be apart."

I just don't know how this conversation come. Today is just the same as the other days. But somehow the evening just a little bit cloudy I don't really like. This soon-to-be-a-heavy-rainy-evening usually made you worry and hurry. But this day, it looks like you are not.

The cloudy day maybe feel sad about what we've just talked about. About being apart and be separated. By the distance, time, nor our dreams itself. I don't know.

I know him. But still don't know much. So does him. That I really know for now is, he is chasing the star he want. And I chasing another star, or maybe the rainbow. We used to have the same star to get. The same rainbow to gaze. But today. Just like what i've said. Cloudy. We both can't see the star nor the rainbow.

"Like what you've said a long time ago."
"We are driving now. Maybe we have the same destination."
"But we took different path." I replied.
"And different type of transportation."

Today the sky just too cloudy. It's gonna rain. A heavy rain, I bet.

"Nah. Let's just go home, then."
I nodded. He is still the same person, with different star to get.
So do I.

Addina Faizati
this short story somehow inspired by Rainbow and Starlight by Adhitia Sofyan
and also Dee's Rectoverso book (Grow a Day Older, Peluk, Aku Ada)

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