it's a pleasure to meet you

By addinaf - 8:47:00 PM

thankyou for being so damn much nice and friendly to me. thankyou to give me new experiences that i never get before. thankyou for teaching me about anything. thankyou for the cold night and hot coffee. thankyou for the good food, good places, and also good friends.
office's spots
urbane indonesia, bandung

office friends
principal architect, project manager, senior architect, senior urban designer, junior architect, junior urban designer, graphic designer, drafter, HRD, front office, ob, everybody :)

other friends
architecture UGM 2009 jakarta-bandung, teladan 2009 (inung, ovi, nisa), teladan 2008 (mas cumid, mas adi, mas gembong, mbak upeng), teladan 2010 (fera), (no longer) strangers ;)

event and places
too many things and places that didn't captured :)

tim #urbandesain #arsitektur #interior #desaingrafis #drafter URBANE mid 2012

Pak Emil, Om Rez, Pak Apep, Pak Irvan, Mas Eja'

it's a pleasure to meet you.
gonna see you (again), soon.
someday :)

and, again.

PS: 'You' in this post refers to everything that participated in July - Agustus. The people, the places, the event. Even the sun, the trees, and also the road :)

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  1. Andin, i just randomly sent you this, a versatile-blogger-awards :'>