another lucky year

By addinaf - 7:33:00 PM

this. the big 2 is coming, finally :)

i feel like i'm changing a lot. a lot.
maybe i'm not as adult as most of my friends, but i think i'm changing now. in a good way, i guess.

in the 19th i have so many experiences that could changes me and make me think.
birthday. almost desperate semester but got good GPA (thank God! :). competitions. Petra. Ecohouse. Urbane. Afair. Futurarc (my favorite :'). ARBBI. Visit Allah's Holy-City (alhamdulillah; religion trip i've made). Singapore. fish eye. drawing skill. digital skill. lecture assistants (digital and also studio). Tried to productive, Guzela, Notebook. Solo. Malang. Bandung. Studio Hotel Project; Fleur. Books. Family. Friends. Lover. Hater(s). Strangers.

masih banyak banget yang harus dicapai tahun ini. belum apa apa.
KP. KKN. Pra Ta. TA. udah jadi mahasiswa tahun ketiga. but who cares? life still goes on.

thank so for the surprise :"D
the cheese cake, candles, lunch, frankestein pop up, giraffe necklace, and bestfriends really made my day :'D
mami erlita, fera, pimo, sari, and mbak ning.

thank for another day.
the wolf-but-look-like-a-fox pop up card, mushroom soup, pasta, and pizza :"D

and also thank for another another day.
the scraft, innercourt, campus, black-hearted-dice-fluffy-pillow, and bestfriends really made my day too :'D
jujuk, mbak lala, ica, dhani, moy, mbak puput, rinta, chery

just like what i've said before, last year,
another March, another year, another college-life, another laugh, another storm, another friendship-life, another luck and un-luck, another day pass and start :)

somehow i forget how old am i. somehow i feel like i just that so old (tahun ketiga kuliah cuy), like 21st or 22nd, i just put the 2 and 1 candle cause i thought that i'm already 21st that day -__-
but somehow i think that i just a little girl, high school girl trapped in a college life. and older friends.

but, what can i ask for more?
thank God, for my wonderfully wonderful life :)

and you, 20, please be a very nice to me with your more-wonderful-and-lucky-life, okay? :)

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  1. selamat ulang tahun yah andin :)
    i wish you become to be a better woman, and when you see yourself in the mirror and you got the new you . more charming, more talented, more sweet, and more confidence .
    don't forget to keep learning and stay focus , for your own good .
    and hope you got the best mate as you want, :D