guzela elbise

By addinaf - 6:22:00 PM

so here i am with all my stuffs and college projects decided to made a kind of an online shop with one of my best, Ferawati Dwiningrum.

we made such a cute outer with chiffon and all size-size. because we thought that every girl can be beautiful by their own size, tall, short, fat, thin, black, white, tan, everything :)

and the guzela elbise name is come from turkey that means cute dress or beautiful dress or something like that :)

we did this by very our own self, find the right fabric, buttons, design, and take a photo :)

so please welcome our very first product, at guzela elbise.
like the facebook fan page, and do support us, then ! :)

favorite photo! :)

thank you :)
for Punika Cintatya Hawa who helped us to do this kind of a short photo session :)

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