adhitia sofyan's gig

By addinaf - 6:33:00 PM

saturday, february the 26th, at concert for harmony, purna budaya UGM,

that was a great night with my friends; ifa, rinta and nana, sari, and prima .
we laughing at MC's super-duper-funny-jokes, and also sastromoeni's performance, and wondering at the cadenzza and rizky summerbee and the honeythief ft. lani frau.
when he sang memilihmu, in to you, blue sky collapse, adelaide sky, after the rain, my number one, i can feel these lyrics in my mind and suddenly i feel like there was a film of my self on it :)

i love the way adhitia sofyan's describe his song before he play it .
i love the way adhitia sofyan's sing it as good (or maybe better) as the way he sing it at the recorded version

ah, by the way, went he describe his song, "my number one", the way he describe it, i just can remember it until now i typed this post . .
honestly, before that night, i rarely listen to this song, but . .
the words that he use to describe this song, just beautiful :)

Number One
Music and Lyrics by Adhitia Sofyan

I don’t mind if you hate Monday
We can make this like a Saturday
And all the fuss and whine will over
As we drive in to the madness

With breakfast on the go
We’ll dine on city lights
Didn’t I tell you to just sit back
Cause my girl, they all don’t matter (any longer)

Cause you don’t even have to try
You’re already my number one
I don’t need the mellow tunes
And all the lines you’ve wasted over me

I don’t mind if time goes too soon
We’ll stay up all night an make it slower
And when the morning comes between us
We’ll just get ready to start it over

he said that this song about the relationship, that they who in this relationship dont know what it will be, start to see i-hate-you-when-you-blablabla-sides, and so on,
something that somekind of weird phase of relationship, but it's allright, 'cause he/she is other's number one .

it's just beautiful, isn't it ? :)

just like what he said in in to you song;
but it's allright, cause i'm in to you :)

i don't know is this just because i remembering you or this lyrics was just really deep, but
okay, maybe this post start to out of topic .

even i go home too late and my mom didn't like it, even you've ask me to 'menginap' at ifa's, even i have to go home by my self alone, and so on,
i love that night :)

that night .
it's not just about adhitia sofyan, it's about the whole night, the songs, the lyrics, and what i've got that night . i dont know . thankyou, by the way :)

is this just a mellow-effect because i write this post with a pouring rain on my window and his mellow songs on my playlist or what ? :p

PS: me, ifa, and rinta have a photo session with adhitia sofyan, but the pictures are in rinta's cam :)
all photos in this post are captured by me, i'm not captured him too much, i prefer to enjoy his performance :)

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