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I just watching TV Series called “Fresh Off the Boats” recently, and I’m not a big fan of series or movies (if you know me, you will understand). But I have a hook with this series, eventho' it’s not a new series (currently in the 5th season anyway) and not the most popular series.

My boyfriend introduced me to this series because he always wants to watch a short movie, series, or video while we are eating together at home. Usually, we watched Doraemon (yes we kind of finished all I guess), but at some point, we got too bored with Doraemon, so he decided to re-watched this series.

This series itself has a short episode, so it is suitable for your company while eating, only 20 minutes. The genre is a comedy. This series is about a Chinese family who lives in America, the stories started when they decided to move to Orlando. That is why the series called Fresh Off the Boats, meaning that they are just ‘fresh’ from the boat, or just ran and start a new life.

Despite all the stupid, weird, and funny characters, this series has the points. I mean, the stories they had were kind of realistic, somehow we can relate, about family, friendship, sibling-hood, or neighbourhood. Really simple and easy to absorb.

Well, until one episode (or two) really got into my heart. In the second season, the sub-story started with the sibling-hood of Louis (the father) and his brother who lives in Taiwan. Louis who already have a restaurant business in Orlando thought that his brother not having a better life (or even worse) than him in America.

Main characters: Louis & Jessica (parents)  |  Emery, Evan, Eddy (children)
Long story short, his brother visited him in America and asked him to be his best man for his wedding in Taiwan. Louis and his family excited to go back to Taiwan and feel their heritage and back to their roots again even just for a couple of days. Turns out his brother living a way much better life than him. His brother has a huge apartment, lovely soon-to-be-wife, and expensive wedding ceremony, and be able to build a better life for the rest of the family in Taiwan (aunt, uncle, and so on).

Louis felt jealous of his brother and had a talk with his wife, Jessica, about their ordinary life in America. Jessica said that it is not a problem for her, and for their children. Because, after all, that kind of life that they built together, they decided to fight for, and that is their achievement in America, their life decision that they chose. 

After watched those two episodes, I felt like, that was kinda true. That was really into my heart. I mean, everybody has their own decision, has their personal preferences. That doesn't mean that Louis's brother with bigger house living a better life, on the other hand, maybe his brother living in a let say 'easier' experience rather than Louis.

His brother stays in China, same language, same culture, better connection and networks. While Louis took a big leap by moving to America, studied there, and start and family and own his own restaurant there. Every decision has its own pros and cons, no?

Decision, decision, decision. In the end, life is about making your decision, whatever it is. It is your decision whether you choose to stay in a big city but ordinary life, or in the smaller town but bigger house and more succesfull life. In a more strict and challenging office, but more significant salary, or smaller and easy job but less salary. That is what you need to decide, and what you need to go through in some period of your life.

Sometimes, at some points, I felt like, why I decided to go to uni rather than find a better job and more significant salary? Why I choose this major, why I decided to leave my bachelor's major? A lot of possibilities could happen if I decide to find a better job in the capital city, I might have two digits of salary, or maybe not as well. What if I choose to go further in my previous field? And so on and so on.

I honestly don't know what will I become in the future, but I do have goals, and I believe that to reach those goals, I need to go through this. Whatever I become, it will be a compilation of my previous decisions, no? And this is what I fight for, this what I need to pass before I go to the next step of life.

The episode of Fresh off the Boat taught me that we can not judge people's decision, what we see is only the tip of an iceberg, not the whole cake of life. It may sound cheesy and naive, but you are a compilation of your decision in the past, and people don't have the right to judge you and vice versa.

Louis may have a smaller house and cheaper car, but who knows what was happening behind? He might be living his best experience by running his own restaurant. Because, baby, we never know what is in people mind, no?

Decision, decision, decision.
At the end of it, everybody needs to decide what is worth for them to fight for.
And who are we to judge their decision, anyway?

I don't know, you decide.

Addina Faizati,
just a casual Saturday in Milan

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