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"Do you love sunset, too? If you do, what is so special about it? And if you don’t why?" 

"I appreciate sunset as one of the most beautiful celestial illusion.Matahari terbenam itu metafora terbaik tentang ditinggalkan-meninggalkan.
Kadang kita merasa banyak hal pergi dari kehidupan kita padahal kita yang perlahan menjauh.
The sun always stay there, we are the one that goes away."

"Mungkin nggak sih kalau orang jatuh cinta padahal mereka belum pernah bertemu sebelumnya?" 
“Kalau mereka pernah saling kontak, it’s possible.”

“What if you already fall in love with a person without knowing each other?" 

"Fall in love by their text? Possible."
“Ah, plot twist first, how If you are not a person that I knew? How if You are not You?” 
“Maybe not. Bisa jadi aku bukan Dia yang kamu kenal. It’s just a thought. I can be anyone.”
“Who are you, then?" 
“I’m just lines of text.” 
“But, just don’t be..”
“Maybe Dia is just an idea. You don’t know where I am right now, do you?” 

“But if only you are just ‘an idea’ it is such a great idea, by the way.”

“Now, you think about Dia at the last time we met, his clothes, his hair, his face, his shoes..” 
“Yea, your horse patterned T-shirt, black jacket, your motor, black purse, brown stripes notebook, your smile, your laugh, your cups of coffee..”
“Right now, I am definitely not like that. I wear different clothes, different pants, and the possibility is infinite. Even I might be not the same person as yesterday.”
“So, you are not the same person that I know yesterday.” 
“Technically, yes.” 
“This starts to make some senses.”

“We remember people as their latest memory with us. That is why, sebelum kita pergi, usahakan tinggalkan memori yang baik baik untuk orang orang di sekitar kita.


“Either it’s just leaving, or ‘leaving’. Since we never know our time of departure. Being nice to people everyday, ain’t that bad. That’s how we supposed to live, right?”

These last (I don’t know how long) months I feel like I’m stuck in this kind of black hole. I feel like all the people I know leave me. They say hello to me to say goodbye for a while. I feel like I lost some of my good friends and another (almost) quarter-life crisis. I feel like I leave no one but everybody leave me. I don't know if it is because of the period or what.

But after all, just like his sunset and sunrise theory, it’s not the sun, but us who go away.

Thank you for telling me all of those---what-you-call---food-for-thoughts, and so on.

Addina Faizati
(from her conversation with Arie Aulia Nugraha,
go through his ask fm and his twitter to know more)

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  1. "But after all, just like his sunset and sunrise theory, it’s not the sun, but us who go away."

    Like this quote. Bisa dipost di twitter. :D