International Research Plaza

By addinaf - 9:26:00 AM

please welcome, my latest work on college. Studio Tematik 1. Building, sub theme about local living culture.

i (and my group) have to design International Research Plaza for our University. I have an idea to make this International Research Plaza can be use as a public space for students and also people around our campus.

the Expanding Levels concept was made to cover the international research plaza needs as a public space. the site of this project is near our centre building, Grha Sabha Pramana.

ah, just see my final posters and my prototype, then :D

my group, and Mr. Djoko Wijono, our lecture :D

my building prototype :D

hope i can get the best mark (A) yayaaay ! \:D/
thankyou for my group's friends, and Mr. Djowi :D

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