if morning is a person

By addinaf - 8:04:00 AM

"i guess, if morning is a person, i will both love and hate him."

so here i am; keep 'hoaahmm' in the morning and decided to turning on my laptop, besties :)
and all what i think about in this morning . . . is the morning it self.

i love this-today-morning.
sunny day. lazy morning. magazine. a bowl of chicken-soup as breakfast. tea. and internet connection.
(eventhough i have to do my assignment this afternoon, but i talk about morning, right?)

but another day i hate morning.
when a morning means you have to go to campus, you have an oh-so-morning-class. you have an assignment but you haven't done it.
a crowdy-morning. i hate it.

or when you wake up with your periode?
or when you wake up after 'lembur' to do your studio-project?
and so on and so on. morning-treat is really means for your whole mood at that day, i think.

but still, even i hate morning, i'm in love with morning too.
morning means that God still give you a life. a chance to changes your life. your pray and so on.
isn't it beautiful?

i guess, if morning is a person, i will both love and hate him.
ah, does it mean you're my 'morning'? :)

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