adhitia sofyan's at kick your cliche

By addinaf - 10:56:00 AM

I've should've known better, but, it's allright.
'cause I'm into you :)
(Adhitia Sofyan - In To You)

and here i come again :)
yesterday me and some of my friends come to Kick Your Cliche event.
i've been to come to another event to see him (click this to see my older post about him)

me and Sari have a nice conversation before, we eat donuts at J.Co and talk much about daily life and everything.

i come to see adhitia sofyan's performances. yeah, after his performances langsung pulang loh :p
ah, i still love his way to sings and describes the song :)

still, Secret, Cublak Cublak Suweng, Memilihmu, Adelaide Sky, Gaze, Forget Jakarta, In To You, My number One, and last; Blue Sky Collapse medley with Yogyakarta,
someday you must sing Dark Side, or Immortal Mellow, i guess ;)

what was my favourite?
hha, let you guess by yourself, ya ;p
ah, these are some pics from my camera :)

ah, thankyou for filling my saturday night, adhitia sofyan, sari, prima, rinta, dhani, and you :)

PS: agak kecewa karna adhitia sofyan cuma main sedikit (nggak sebanyak di purna budaya dulu) dan suasana penontonnya nggak sekompak di purna budaya dulu. hehehe :p
but overall, nice lah :)

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