my lucky number 19

By addinaf - 6:09:00 PM

"age is not a destination. it's a journey of your success"
(a greeting from arfan)

so there i'm changing from 18 years old girl into 19 years old girl .
thankyou for great memory, 18, you teach me how to think, and act more mature,
you teach me how to treat people well, how to thank to God, and so on .

i feel like i'm a little child who trapped in 19 yo girl .
i'm childish . still .

and, for, all of my friends, haters, college-life, family, world, and especially you, teach me how to be a mature-girl again this year, ya ? :)
thank you for accompany me pass my 18th years of my life .
time flies fast, eh ? :)

thank you for all birthday wishes, secara langsung di kampus, sms, twitter, facebook, telepon, semua mua :D

the 'mistyped' birthday card :p

makasih buat Jujuk, Ica, Dhani, Mbak Lala, Rinta, sama Chery juga buat bukubukunya; 9 matahari sama coming home :)
i love books as my birthday gift :)

their oh-so-lovely-gift ! :)

card from Putri and Ojan :)

dan terimakasih juga yang ngasih ucapan selamat ulang tahun waktu Bali -__-

everybody made my day ! :D
and here is my own timeline in my 18th years :)

March: 18 :)
April: studio 2's life and it's minder-thingy .
May: i can't remember enough about this month :|
August: ramadhan .
October: new semester . IP . Bogor . Hanief's blasted birthday ! :D
November: unstable month . grey t-shirt . missing . and rootbeer .
January: spend my new year's eve with my friends :)
February: missing . new semester . IP . adhitia sofyan's gig .
March: 19 . still :)
time flies fast and people change . .
just like what i've said before,
another March, another year, another college-life, another laugh, another cry, another mad, another storm, another friendship-life, another luck and un-luck, another day pass and start :)

thank God, for my wonderfully wonderful life :)
and you, 19, please be nice to me with your more-wonderful-and-lucky-life, ya ? :)

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