A Safe Place

By addinaf - 4:08:00 PM

Scattered mind
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It's been a quite long time since my latest post. I have a lot of thoughts to share and I did write it down here, to be honest. But somehow it felt difficult for me to organize my feeling lately. Long story short, I decided to keep all my thoughts as a draft.

I don't know, but I feel like my safe place (my blog) to talk about anything is not the safest place anymore. Not even my twitter, my Instagram, or any other social media that I used to have and use very frequently.

The internet (or social media) is a scary place somehow. People can talk about anything to anyone about everything. I need to reflect on my self first. What I want to write? Why I write? Is it to please other people or just to put down my own thought? What is so scary about writing your own thought? And so on.

This blog used to be my safe place, but maybe not anymore. I hope this feeling is just a temporary feeling, maybe tomorrow I will write again and publish all the drafts that I have? Maybe. Everything feels uncertain and scattered for me.

I think I need to reorganize my own thoughts and find another safe place before I go back here.

Addina Faizati,
February 2020

PS: that doesn't necessarily mean that I will make another blog or social media platform.

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