A Post Dedicated to My Former Supervisor

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It's been a month since I'm home. By home, I meant my hometown, Indonesia, Jogja. I'm really glad that my days just normal, I felt nothing like: I miss this, and that, I can't do this, and that, or something that might sound snob. Well, that's what I thought, but I'm pretty sure some of my friends said that I still the same Addina that they knew, maybe I just grew up to be a better person, a better individual, in the sense of appearance, mindset, and so on, and so on. But I still Addina that everybody knows.

I have a lot of thoughts for sure, I have a lot of plans, etc etc, I'm pretty sure that I will share it later, but for now, I just want to share my day.

Long story short, after a month, I decided to visit my supervisor back then when I was in bachelor. I adore him since then, for people who know me since then, you know who is he, for sure. He is such a humble and nice supervisor, he accepted me rather than only as a student, but maybe as a younger friend as well? I don't know, but I feel comfortable to share my experiences, my goals, and even my feeling to him. No, this is not in a romantic way, of course.

Back then, when I have some doubts regarding my final project for bachelor, I always met him to share my doubts, rather than asking a solution. Not that I didn't ask him, but, I came to him to share what I felt. After graduation, I worked in the city that quite far from my hometown. But, at some points, if I went back home, I always have time to visit him in uni. I just want to share him what I thought about my experiences, my next goals, and so on. Until the time I resigned and asked him for a help to achieve my next goal. Even before I left to Milan, I visited him again.

Long story short, after two years, I finally back again, so I decided that I must see him again. I met him today. I was really excited and happy to see him and share my experiences, my stories, and what I thought about my next plan, and so on. I felt really grateful that I have him to visit in uni, other than that, maybe I don't really have a specific reason to go there, I don't know.

Just so you know that maybe he is not a special lecture in my uni, he is not the most this and that, but I adore him the most as he is as a person. I don't know if it's a good thing to see him as an older friend that I respect rather than a supervisor. A mentor maybe?

I always and will always respect him, therefore, I also always feel comfortable and brave enough to share what I really thought about something (related to work, study, and goals). Right now, I'm not sure if this feeling is just a nostalgic feeling or something exciting is happening in me so I really felt happy or so, but I believe that he is more than just a supervisor in my final project for bachelor, but maybe also a supervisor in my stepping stone in life.

I never thought that I will write a special post for him like this. But I must say that I am really grateful that I chose him as my supervisor when I was in bachelor. I regret nothing and I'm really thankful that he always gives me a warm welcome. Really.

I have a lot of things to say to him, but this one I may never say it enough:
"Terima kasih, Pak."

Addina Faizati
Jogja, 2018
Setelah sebuah siang di kampus
Arsitektur UGM

PS: Sorry, I don't have a suitable picture for this post so I just put my uni's post in Milan LOL

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