Milan Daily: Easy Cheesecake Oreo (No Bake)

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My first time made cheesecake was for my boyfriend's birthday in 2017. I can't say it was a success but it wasn't a failure either. I made a strawberry cheesecake, but the base of the cheese was too hard and too difficult to bite. Apparently, I couldn't find the picture of that cheesecake *blame my self for unorganized phones and storages lol

For my boyfriend's birthday this year, this was my second attempt to made cheesecake. Anyway, this was a couple month ago, but I just have time to put into my blog. I made it quite good and soft, it feels like melt in our mouth! So I want to share it with you guys :)

Disclaimer: I actually don't really remember the recipe and the sources. I think I found some recipes on youtube or blogs and then I just mixed it up and did it with my intuition hahah, so I put one of the resources that I think the easiest and the closest to what I did.

I first found the recipe originally from Hanse through this video, Hanse is one of my favorite youtube for the recipes, I have similar taste with him/her, we love sweet dessert, matcha, and boba, and because everything is simple and really easy to follow. Let us see how I did it! Enjoy! 

#1 Crush the oreo (100g) in a zip lock
#2 Mix the heavy cream (50ml) and the crushed Oreo
anyway since I couldn't find heavy cream, I made my own heavy cream with ingredients that I already have in my fridge, please check how to make it here
#3 Put it in the container/jar/baking pan (with a lid), and put it on the fridge for approximately 30 minutes (or even more)

Step by step for the base

#4 Mix the cream cheese (200g) (I use either mascarpone or Philadelphia cheese one* I don't really remember hahah) and sugar (1 coffee cup)
#5 Whip the cream cheese and sugar until smooth
#6 Mix it with crushed Oreo (the rest that you have)
#7 Put it above the base of the cheesecake (the one in the fridge)
#8 Decorate with oreo, put in the fridge again (for 1 - 2 hours)
#9 Voila! Oreo cheesecake is ready :)

Step by step for the filling
Finished oreo cheesecake in a container

I really like the softness of the filling and the oreo taste! Of course! Nothing can go wrong with oreo (somehow). I and my boyfriend enjoyed it a lot! This kind of sweets is really suitable for you in the spring/summer season, or whenever the heat strikes! The cool and melting cheese will help you to feel refreshed from the heat. Also, it is suitable for a small treat (for 2 - 4 portion). I hope you enjoy my easy recipe! :)

Addina Faizati
Milan, 2018

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