She is Milan

By addinaf - 4:51:00 AM

It's been one year since I met her. One year, 12 months, 365 days.

I'm that kind of person who is easy to fall in love with a city. For example, some cities that I visited before, I love them all. I even made a persona for them. I see them as a 'person' in the city perspective.

I'm that kind of person who sees all the cities as a person with specific characteristics. They have feeling too, like a human being, like us.

But then, how about her? How about Milan?
Do you think I have that 'loving' feeling, to this city? To her.

I fall in love with her, easily. I feel like all the corner of the city is something interesting, despite all the traffic and unpredictable weather and how loud its people.

But, that is love, no?
We fall in love without we even thinking about how we fall in love.

She is Milan. She is pretty. She is unpredictable. Sometimes she is as cold as winter. Sometimes she is as warm as summer. She is photogenic. She is Milan.

There were a lot of surprises happened. Those unpredictable surprises. But if we look closer and stay longer, you can see that she is friendly and adorable. She is like that cold girl who you will never forget in the future. The thing is, there is something about her that you will miss.

But whatever happened in this city, I will always have a special feeling for her.

It's always a pleasure for me to know her.
People, food, and places.

It feels like I can accept her whole attitude now.
Let us be a good friend again until I don't know when.

Let's make another roller coaster year ahead, Milan.

Addina Faizati

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  1. Aku jadi jatuh cinta juga dengan Milan, padahal belum pernah berjumpa :')