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It's been one year since the first time I stay here. One year, 12 months, 365 days (let's just assuming). But I already moved for the third time, and I wish, this time, my third-time move will be my last time until my graduation (finger crossed). I always wish the same everytime I move to the new house/flat. Still, don't know what will happen to me for the next year, but let's hope for the best.

I will not talk about why I move, or where is my house, and stuff like that, but I just want to show you the effort that I did to decorate my room. Yes, three times moving, three times decorating my room. I'm that kind of person, who absolutely not following the 'Marie Kondo' thing, you know, keep everything as minimal as you can in your room. I'm the opposite, I have a lot of kinds of stuff that probably mostly not even close to necessary.

I believe that room is what you want yourself to represent, or to be, something about your identity, I want my room to be my private space, where I can do whatever that I want, and do my work (outside uni).  Other than that, I simply want my room to be a little bit photogenic for no reason (despite on how messy I am).

People said, home sweet home, but since I don't have a home here, let's just call this; room sweet room.  First thing first, let's just see how does it look!

Disclaimer: All the pictures below are not the representation of my room in everyday life. The tidy, neat, and clean room are made just for picture purpose. 

My previous room:
Smaller room, pinky tone and I don't have table for study with proper chair
This room is exactly just that size, I mean, besides the rug, you can see a bit of my bed. And that's all. So basically I didn't have a lot of space, and I didn't have a chair for study or work. Mostly I sit on the rug and work on the small black table.

What I like is the small ladder that is actually not functioning properly. Literally just to stand there and hang something small and not too heavy. I actually like this room despite how small it was.

The 2nd room was something like that (almost the same), but I don't have the photos that could be a good representation of my room. So just skip it. It's almost the same concept, larger size, but without the ladder (I broke them).

How does my current room look like?

My current room:
Bigger space with wider white wall to decorate
world map and tickets on the right side, chalkboard, and shelf on the left side
In this current room, super new, super fresh room, I just moved this month. I have a single room so I can do whatever that I want in this room. On the right side, you can see world map from my friends in uni and tickets, postcards, that I visited before. This side is my traveler side, I want to show to myself that, I've been to a lot of places, yet still just a little part of the world. So it will motivate me to travel and learn more from people and places.

On the left side, there is a shelf with books, cosmetics, stationery, and things (random things that I want to show) with a small led lamp around to make it more fancy and happy and 'Tumblrsque'. I'm that kind of person who likes something cheerful and fancy to my room (even though actually my room is not that fancy). The happy room makes happier people. I like to make it even more pretty with photos. So I put some of the Instax photos near the shelf, with my favorite people here to remind me that I'm surrounded and blessed with all those people.

Study desk
Bed side
In the left side, there is a cactus chalkboard written In Bocca al Lupo (I wrote that by myself), near the bed, just to remind me that I need to do everything as my best. It's a classic Italian idiom that means "into the mouth of the wolf" that means; Good Luck! in general. That is one of my favorite Italian word (that I know, but I know just a little, so...).

Behind me (who took the pictures), there is a cupboard and the door. That was a bit messy at that time so I didn't take a picture of it. But I think you can imagine my room after you saw these pictures. Anyway, just like what I said before, in daily life, this room also contains bottles of water, items being dried, bags, and clothes on 'that chair'.

Afterall, I really like to stay here, play with my ukulele, browsing, take a nap, and just chill. Because it's still summer holiday. I hope this room will stay with me longer, I hope this will be my sweetest room until I finish my study. I really wish. I believe room that makes you feel comfortable with all the familiar things around you will rest you well in the night, will cheer you up when you are working and will make you be what you want to be in your own room.

How about your room, guys?

Where I get my 'decorating' collection:
Private collection / Gift from friends / Tiger / IKEA / Modulor / Amazon / Aumai

Addina Faizati

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  1. Kamar kamu is so youuu. Artsy, ramainya pas, dan hangat kayaknya. Aaaa kangennya Andien <3

    1. Mbak Naaaddsss <3 Love you so muchooosss <3 Always supporting <3 <3 <3