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By Addina Faizati - 8:16:00 PM

I don't know why I haven't write as much as I did recently. What changed me? What happened? Am I lack of inspiration? Nothing to share? Do I have too many things to tell I don't know which one to share to you?

February was too short for me. It's feel like only in a blink. Workload as an architect, my other activities outside the office, everything is too tight I don't make time to write anything in my blog.

Now I write this post in my favorite coffee shop since the first time I came here. I love this coffee shop because it is not too crowd, have a good price and good coffee, and not too bad interior design with its unfinished wall. I have the loyalty card of this coffee shop, too, by the way.

I choose to sit in the corner of the room by myself, with my laptop on, green tea latte, and facing the couple in front of me which the girl do nothing but play with her phone, and the boy working at his own thing with his laptop. Is it what couple do when they have time together? Why don't they talk to each other? But some of people said that the highest stage of relationship is when they both feel comfortable even they don't say a word.

Anyway, by take a look at the couple in front of me (anyway I don't know if they are real couple or not), now I am thinking about should we always talk about anything, everything? Or is it enough to us to sit in the same table and do our own things?

Ah, as long as I have you, by the way.

The question is; Do I 'have' you?

John Mayer - No Such Thing
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  1. Hey, I'm just curious, Which coffee shop?

  2. I'm starting to write again, thanks to your story.