Messy September

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“Life could change in a second.”

My life has been crazy this last month and still counting. Maybe this September is the craziest month ever (till now). There is some bad news with good news on it. I can’t tell you everything. But, all I can say is: life just happens.

I warned you that this is gonna be a long post. So, hold on.

Just take a look at my timeline this month.

Personal Storm
(September 1 - September 5)
At the first week of the month I have some personal problems. Storm. Typhoon. And I just feel like I lost my grip and stand for nothing. Everything, every person I knew seems like have a plan to mess my days up. What’s wrong with me?

(September 6 - September 9)
Di minggu kedua, saya yang memang sudah memutuskan dalam waktu singkat; let’s Run.
I try to escape from this mess. And like you can see; it’s Sempu Island. The Escaping project is working. New friends, experiences, and also places. But you can’t just run from your problems, dear. Face it.

Segara Anakan, Pulau Sempu

Next Phase of Life
(September 9)
We never know what God plan is for us. Never. Dalam perjalanan di kereta menuju Jogja dari Malang, sepulang dari Sempu. I’ve got a call. From a number I don’t know. I decided to not to answer the call because of the noise of the train. And yup. Tomorrow the number calls me again. Interview. Like, the next tomorrow. Sehabis menerima telepon, cepat cepat cari tiket kereta untuk interview. Besok berangkat. Tik tok. Malam setelah interview langsung pulang.

(September 10 - 20)
I wonder how could a person digging in so deeply into my life? I knew, maybe you think that this is not a part of this craziness month, but yup, Hanief sakit campak really made my heart breaking. That is why I wonder why. Ditambah deadline Pra TA nya. Ikut panik dan pusing, padahal orangnya nggak mau diikutcampuri urusan TA maupun kesehatan nya. A week full of headache caused by nothing.

Next Phase of Life Part II
(September 24)
At the almost end of the month. The number calls again. She asked me to join the office like, next tomorrow. That is escalated so quickly. Padahal lusa, sudah ada kegiatan event Archinesia di Singapura, bareng Imelda Akmal, Pak Achmad Tardiyana (Pak Apep) juga. Jadi Mbak Wulan (HRD) mengizinkan buat start working at the first day of October.

The Pinnacle
That is escalated so quickly. Tiket dari SIN – JOG tanggal 30 pagi. And I have to go to work at 1st ? So I have to leave this city at 30 nights? Panic. I packed 2 bag. Satu koper buat Bandung. Satu tas travel bag ransel buat ke Singapur. Sudah tanggal 24 siang, I have no time to farewell with my friends. I have to packed all these things.

Life just happens.

Escape Part II and Part III
(September 26 - 30 and October 1 - 4)
I’m so gotta go to Singapore tomorrow morning (first flight). I have a farewell dinner with Hanief and he accompanies me to buy some things at carefour. Everything went like what we’ve plan until I’ve got a calls, texts, and mails. She said that she is from Dulux. So I call her back.

Guess what. I just won an architecture-blog-writing-competition. I’ve got free accommodation and free pass to attending World Architecture Festival in Singapore at 1st – 3rd October. Damn it. Damn it. Life happens. Shit happens.

So I just explain to her that I’m gonna stay in Singapore for this Archinesia event and gotta go to work at 1st. But she just begging me to join. So I call Mbak Wulan (HRD) again. She congrats me and let me go with Dulux. Work starts at the second week of October.

I don’t have enough money to extend. So let me tell you. Tanggal 26 first flight dari Jogja ke Singapur. 30 first flight dari Singapur ke Jogja. 1 First flight dari Jogja ke Jakarta next Singapur with Dulux. Tanggal 3 malam dari Singapur ke Jakarta, tanggal 4 pagi Jakarta Jogja.

My life is such a mess. Right?

Singapore was cool and give some precious experiences. With Archinesia, meet Imelda Akmal, architecture writer, and her team, some new friends, new places, lesson learned. With Dulux (see the post here), new links and connections, friends, places, everything. Precious.
I’m a lucky bitch to get all this chance.

World Architecture Festival 2013
And yup, just like what I’ve said before.
Your life could change in a second, right?

(October 4 - 6)
Sepulang dari semua keriwehan Singapur bolak balik twice a week itu, cepat cepat menghubungi banyak teman. Pamit dengan baik baik. Hikmah dari adanya Dulux itu sih, at least nggak seperti rencana awal yang bisa dipastikan nggak sempat farewell. Capek sih. Banget. Tapi akan lebih disayangkan lagi kalau tidak memanfaatkan sisa sisa waktu di Jogja dengan baik.

But as if you can remember at the first week of September, the storm stood still. At this moment, I feel so heavy to leaving.

Tanggal 4 farewell ke Pak Labdo, ke kantor beliau, tell him everything, sambil curhat gimana nasib yudisium dan wisuda ku yang belum jelas. I hate you, LPPM. He said everything clearly, want to help me, congrats me, and asked me to keep contact with him.
Tanggal 4 sorenya farewell sama Fera, Mami, MbakNing. I tell them everything. Thankyou for always available at my worst and best condition. We ended up crying. Crying for we don’t know what actually.

Tanggal 5 sore farwell sama Moy, MbakPuput, Rinta, Jujuk, MbakLala, Dhani, minus Ica sekalian merayakan ulang taun Moy. Thankyou traktirannya Moy. And again I ended up crying. For still I don’t know what.

Almost all of us
Tanggal 5 dan 6 terimakasih buat Hanief yang sudah mau merelakan diri nggak jadi ikut ke Prau buat menemani jauh jauh ke Sendangsono dan Kebun Binatang. Dan makan juga. Akhirnya nyobain Matchamu juga. Terimakasih. Thankyou for your time.

Ziarah Arsitektur ke Gereja Maria Lourdes Sendangsono karya YB Romomangun
Accompany today; pink and purple balloon!

And this is it. Tanggal 6 malam kemarin berangkat ke Bandung.
"I’m maybe moving. But (still) not moving on."

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