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when I was a kid I always wondering about the divorce or everything related to it. breaking up, good bye, and so on. until now, I still wonder.

and here I am, nothing to say but to reblog my friend, Heriati Sitosari's blog post.


I always happy when I see someone’s happy. Like when I walk into a bookstore, theater, or go to mall and meet a friend with their partner (girlfriend/boyfriend). I always love the glow on their faces. At that point, you just can’t think about any possible wrong thing that could happen.

But wrong thing sometimes just happens. Even a perfect thing can go wrong in just a second. Sometimes you can see the sign, but sometimes you just can’t. Sometimes it comes with a warning, but sometimes it doesn't.

At the point after something went wrong, people usually go like, “Did it really happen?” People also usually say, “I can’t believe it just happened. I mean how could it happen?"

Hey, don’t you forget that at first, we just never think about any possible bad thing that could happen? Because we’re happy to see them and they—of course—too happy to even think about bad possibilities.

So when the next time we walk into a bookstore, theater, or go to mall and meet a friend without their partner (girlfriend/boyfriend), of course we never expect bad news. But when we finally heard the news and told them how sorry we are about it, you’ll come to realize this: things really could go wrong. It did.


And, yup, I still wonder.

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