Blue Sky Collapse

8:26:00 AM

It is Blue, It is You

As I walk to the end of the line / I wonder if I should look back / to all of the things that were said and done / I think we should talk it over // Then I noticed the sign on your back / It boldly says try to walk away / I go on pretending I'll be OK // This morning, it hits me hard that / Still everyday I think about you / I know for a fact that's not your problem / But if you change your mind you'll find me / Hanging on to the place / Where the big Blue Sky Collapse //

As I stare at the wall in this room / The cracks they resemble your shadow / When everyday I see time goes by / In my head everything stood still // I'm waiting for things to unfreeze / 'till you release me from the ice block / It's been floating for ages washed up by the sea / And it's drowning, thought you should know that //

You see people are trying / To find their way back home / So I'll find my way to you //

I just got my adhitiasofyan's CD series (Quiet Down, Forget Your Plans, and How to Stop Time) and I never knew before that this Blue Sky Collapse were so deep like this. I want to make some art or a story from this song but I just can't and ended up re-write the lyrics. Enough.

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  1. Ak juga suka bgt sm lagu ini, ak sllu dengerin lagu in disaat ak mmng bener" ngerasa sendiri and I don't know what I have to do, dngerin in seakan nemanin sedikit rasa sepi, paling nga smpe lagunya abies :) salam kenal y, ouh iya ak Happy and trust me iam normal women :D

    1. halo! iya lagunya memang bagus aku juga suka banget :D
      salam kenal juga :D