#2 Latest Subjet: KKN, KP 18

By addinaf - 6:35:00 AM

Part#1 here

Kolase #5
Kolase #6

Second month here.
Nope, I was wrong, because at this case, picture(s) couldn't says more than word(s).
Even the words. New Friends, Experiences, Places, Knowledges.

Since when I always have new experiences and places to explore in the middle of the year?
dig in to my blog to know more ;p

Thank God I have new friends here with different background.

I still wonder how people under-estimated us, and also under-estimated a group of people who KKN near the city. Who says we couldn't have a places to explore, to travel, and story to tell?

find me more at my instagram account @addinaf
photo courtesy some from Risya, Putri, and Lia
taken at 'pondokan', 'pedukuhan', Glagah Beach, road, Sermo, Suroloyo, Kiskendo, Amigo Photo Studio, and some places that maybe not specialized as a tourism place, anywhere, everywhere, anytime, everytime.

Thank you guys, and let's back to our own reality now.

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