A Phase of Life

By addinaf - 7:38:00 PM

There is a phase of life when you have no one except yourself.

When you are only have yourself, soul, and body to pass some moments. Meanwhile people only can give you suggestion and advices. When you only have your own brain to think, to make a decision, to predict and to choose what you will do until next week, month, year, 5 years, or even 20 years.

People growing up and change.
The perspective of mind and life priority.

In this phase of life you know that you only have yourself to decide something. This is your life and you are what you decide. What you work on, what you fight for. In this phase of life maybe you feel like you lost some of your best friends, enemy, partner, relationship. 'cause just like what I’ve said. In this phase of your life, you only have yourself.

What you thinking about, what you did, what you work, what you fight mean nothing for people's life. Yourself and your life. What you will be, what you want to be.

I never realize before that people is a 'person'. I’m a person itself. A person is a single mind, single body, and single soul. What i did is only for myself and my future.

This is a phase of life when you only have yourself. Yourself as a best friend, partner, even an enemy.
There is a phase of life when you have no one.

Except yourself.

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