#1 Mixtape Project: Music, Lyric, and the Story Behind

By addinaf - 2:09:00 PM

so this is my first mixtape. i made this in 2011 and only made this in two CDs.

i just forgot to post it and randomly remember to post about my first mixtape.
here is the story.

Music, Lyric, and Story Behind

this mixtape contains of 10 songs and 3 bonus tracks.
i made the covers, the flyer, and did the package by my self.
the concept of this mixtape is the phases of people in relationship. so cliche anyway, hahaha.
Let us see the list of the mixtape! :)

1st phase: Knowing.
"I need to know what's on your mind..."
(Adelaide Sky - Adhitia Sofyan)
This phase is the phase when you know each other and start to try to get other's attention. So i just put these songs to make you feel like you are a little bit knowing your feeling to him/her.
01 Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen.
02 When You Love Someone - Endah & Rhesa
03 Adelaide Sky - Adhitia Sofyan

2nd phase: Love is in the Air
"Can you feel this magic in the air, it must have been the way you kiss me."
(Today was a Fairy Tale - Taylor Swift)
This phase is the phase when you feel like you are so damn in love you forget everything. These songs make you feel like he/she is like the best in the world. You know that feel, right?
04 Today was a Fairy Tale - Taylor Swift
05 Mine - Taylor Swift
06 Fearless - Taylor Swift
I don't even realize that i put all the Taylor Swift songs in this phase.

3rd phase: Breaking Up
"We fight we break up, we kiss we make up. You don't really wanna stay. But you don't really wanna stay."
(Hot and Cold - Katy Perry)
This sad phase is when you have to breaking up with him/her or you on some fight caused by some reasons that you hate him/her so much you forget the first time you love him/her.
07 Little of Your Time - Maroon 5
08 Hot and Cold - Katy Perry

4rd phase: Understanding (Accepting)
"But even so, I love you anyway. No matter how things have gone, you'll always have me."
(I Love You Anyway - Mocca)
This is the understanding and accepting phase. When you understand your partner's attitude and accept his/her attitude as he/she is.
09 I Love You Anyway - Mocca
10 In To You - Adhitia Sofyan
11 Number One - Adhitia Sofyan

++ Bonus Track
Superman - Taylor Swift
Berlin - The Trees and The Wild

So.. what do you think about this kind of cheesy and cliche mixtape? ;)
But the phases quite true, huh? Analize your phase and try to listen the songs at your phase and how do you feel? :)

I'll made another mixtape soon, not this cheesy, I wish.

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