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By Addina Faizati - 9:22:00 AM

the final exam of Teknik Komunikasi Arsitektur 's subject was so damn much fun ! \:D/
we are all have to made our own portfolio. yay ! super yay ! :D

and i decided to make my architectural portfolio :)
since i've made my sketch-o-folio before, i tried to make a different themes of my portfolio so i can use my architecture-portfolio to apply internship program \:D/

so please welcome, the 22 pages square form of pink - triangle architecture portfolio ! :D
(i just post some of export picture, just in case :) if you want to know me more just comment on this post or mention me on twitter)

the simple cutest cover that i loved ! :">
my personal information
i have no achievement in architecture
and i don't mention my journal/design assignment in it
the thumbnail of projects
my architecture concept.
architecture with research and art! \:D/ 
also my architectural sketches ! :D
the project's layout explanation

i'm so in love with my porfolio ! :D

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