book signing day

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so here i am :)

in this exam week come to Ngopi Sore bareng Dee at dixie with my friends, fera and ana :)

i'm so happy :D
though the crowd a little bit annoy me but i'm so happy i can have dee's signature on my books ! :D

my dee's books collection :)
my favourite, rectoverso :)
supernova: ksatria, putri, dan bintang jatuh. and also perahu kertas.

so bad my filosofi kopi is lost in somewhere i don't know.
but happily from that event i know that i can pre-order the new-cover of filosofi kopi so i can get the voucher when i buy dee's next book, partikel . super yay ! :D

one of the best part is when dee sing us a part of the song that she wrote for perahu kertas movie. the lyric that i only could remember is:

dan aku bahagia dapat menemukanmu dengan radarku 

cute, isn't it? :)
so perahu kertas. the part of the song is tell us about the girl who thanked to God that have made him and make her found him :)
cute cute cute ! :)
the crowd
me and dee <3
ana, me, dee, and fera 
and when i arrived home, the packs is come ! :D
there is a sad story, my test pack, and the journeys lost in somewhere again. i try to ask my friend's boyf to look for it at his book store.
but after he can't found it i decided to bought it online from :)
the author of test pack.

and all of the book i've ordered was signed in ! yay ! super yay yay !
i'm so happy today :)
the books
from om @adhityamulya
joker of @vabyo
tante @ninityunita 's test pack

thankyou for made my saturday night today, books  ! :D 

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