blind or deaf?

By Addina Faizati - 8:42:00 PM

would you rather be blind or deaf?
jadi adalah tugas design diary mata kuliah aksesibilitas saya.
saya mengalami kebingungan mau bikin apalagi (padahal baru minggu ke empat).

lalu saya menemukan pertanyaan tersebut.
would you rather be blind or deaf? not an easy question, i guess.

suddenly i remember Helen Keller, who both blind and deaf. but she is a writer actually. how cool? i read her (comic) biografi since when i was young, by the way. and voila! :D
i made a poster for today's design diary. just a simple poster.

yep. with a big question in it:

how abut you, with pair of a normal eyes and ears? :)

how about you, ndin ? *tanya sama diri sendiri*

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