i will never love you more

By Addina Faizati - 7:08:00 PM

someday, my friend Gata give me suggestion to listen to this song; I Will Never Love You More - Soko.
first time i listen to this song i feel like this is something cute.
her song, her music, her voice, and the lyric inside.

Soko tell us that she will never love him more, even than dancing to Phil Spektor, than her keyboard, than Daniel Johnston, than DVD's night with girlfriends, and everything.
even he say that he will love her more than everything, she will never love him more :)

but somehow, deep in my mind i feel like; she will never love him more just because her love for him is just too much and can't be added. can't be more. yep, i have my very own perspective about this sentence, i don't know am i right or wrong but i think it is just cute.
when you can't love somebody more just because the love you have is just that much as the capacity. can't be added anymore.

got it? :)
i will never love you more, then :)
enough, it's enough.

you say you love me more than all the girls you have before,
even more than music, even more than yourself, even more than everything, but it's just a lie.
so i will never love you more, than anything :)

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