By Addina Faizati - 9:43:00 AM

'cause baby you are a firework.
have you ever feel like you are something like firework. which is ready to exploding and spreading?

i have. the feeling when you are so damn angry, tired, sad, happy, or even you don't know what it is. and maybe Katy Perry were right, everybody is a firework. they are all keep-keeping something that is ready to burn and explode. everybody. even they have their very own way to 'exploding', but still, they are all exploding.

it is mean that if you have something to say, say it. don't keep it and make it like a 'firework'. got what i mean?
firework is a beauty thing, isn't it? attractive, sparkling, and colorfull.
but even so, firework is a firework. still, i'm afraid of it's fire. don't you ?

but baby, you are still a firework, you have a spark and colors inside :)

Addina Faizati
Kembang Api
Ospek Jurusan, SKALA 16 Oktober 2011

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