missing something that i dont know

By addinaf - 5:43:00 AM

my blog is a half-dead-blog now;
i have to do all my homeworks;
sketching, colouring, paper-ing, uploading, and something like that.

but, honestly i miss my blog, laptop, my lazy-time, designing time, etc.
this odd-y-routine-ty is kinda make me bored.

i'm happy with those. sketching, colouring, and laughing with archi's friends and archi's asdos; they're all kinda nice and talented friends;

but i'm bored.

so when i go to the phoenix hotel to capturing some pictures (for night-sketch homework) i just took some pictures by shake my camera.

there are; no edit; too little time to editing contrast or something like that; just resizing;;

what: jalanan di depan hotel phoenix
when: 4 november 2009; pas mau isya'
where: in front of "the phoenix" hotel
why: bored
who: addina faizati (me)


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